Coinbase fully usable again after restrictions

Coinbase users were temporarily unable to buy Bitcoin yesterday, but the trading platform is now back to normal.

The large crypto exchange Coinbase was only accessible to a limited extent in the last few hours

Not a novelty, because the crypto trading platform and its offshoot Coinbase Pro have to struggle with failures again and again .

After users had initially reported difficulty confirmed Bitcoin Circuit the failures now, by pointing out that all services are running normally. „All services are online again,“ as the corresponding message says.

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and crypto expert Anthony Pompliano wrote on Twitter on Friday morning that “Coinbase has shut down the buying and selling of some cryptocurrencies. This was followed mainly by responses from crypto users in the USA, who showed with screenshots that these problems occurred primarily when buying in US dollars.

However, the crypto journalist Ryan Broderick shows that buying Bitcoin in euros no longer works smoothly, which suggests that the problems stem from the entire market.

For this reason, Broderick suspects that the “GameStop effect” is responsible for the current situation. The social media hype surrounding the stock and the resulting controversy then spilled over into the crypto market.

„Context: Many large Twitter accounts have #Bitcoin written in their Twitter status, including Elon Musk. As a result, BTC has gained 15% in the last 24 hours. „

The big hype has probably also aroused new interest in the mainstream , and since Coinbase is one of the most beginner-friendly crypto exchanges, their failures could be explained by a sudden rush of new crypto investors, Broderick concludes.

In the past year, the trading platform already had several failures , each of which coincided with massive Bitcoin price movements, which supports the thesis that Coinbase apparently collapses under high load.

Nvidia confirms: crypto miners are not to blame for the price explosion of the RTX 30 series

The vice president of Nvidia confirms that the crypto demand is currently low, but the door for special mining cards remains open.

The large graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has confirmed that the delivery bottlenecks and the subsequent price explosion of the RTX 30 series can only be traced back to demand from gamers and not to crypto miners

Colette Kress, Vice President of Nvidia, admits in this context that her company is not very good at determining how high the demand from crypto miners really is, but she is nonetheless convinced that this does not make up a noteworthy proportion.

A private miner recently demonstrated that the crypto community still has use for the manufacturer’s products , who built a mining rig from 78 Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards. This construction is said to be able to mine Ether ( ETH ) worth 128,000 US dollars over the course of a year .

A lucrative business, which is why Kress keeps the door open for crypto miners. Should the demand from this area increase noticeably again, this would be a good opportunity to revive the CMP series. These are graphics cards that The News Spy has specially tailored for crypto mining , which is why components that are irrelevant for this purpose are not used here.

As Seeking Alpha reports , Kress made the relevant statements on January 12th at the JP Morgan Tech / Auto Forum Conference. So she said:

„Should the demand for crypto increase significantly, this would be a good opportunity to revive the CMP series and to serve the demand that has arisen.“

However, she sees the majority of future demand from the gaming sector, because in the end the hunger of gamers alone would have overwhelmed their own production capacities.

Kress sees the usability for crypto currencies simply based on the fact that the graphics cards from Nvidia are programmable, which has already helped the company to open up new market segments in the past:

“Yes, cryptocurrencies are interesting. As you know, our graphics cards have been programmable for many, many years, which means that new areas of application are constantly being found. This has also increased our demand in recent years. Crypto mining is one of these areas of application. „

According to Kress, Nvidia’s production capacities will remain limited at least until the beginning of the second quarter, which is why sales will stagnate during this period.

Experts: money flows from gold to Bitcoin (BTC)

According to the experts, the big money flows from gold to bitcoin. As the outlook for gold declines, that of bitcoin begins to shine more and more.

In the past week, the price of gold suddenly shot down by almost 5%. Previously, the precious metal and bitcoin were heading for new heights.
From gold to bitcoin
CharlieMorris, the founder and CIO of ByteTree Asset Management, announced in a tweet on Friday that the pullback of gold may have something to do with bitcoin. According to the investor, more and more people are starting to switch to bitcoin, the digital equivalent of gold.

Jim Cramer, the host of the CNBC programme Mad Money, also announced that the outflow of gold is all heading towards the crypto sector.

Holger Zschaepitz observes the same. He points to the inflow of more than $3 billion into the Grayscale Bitcoin trust since October. During the same period, gold ETFs lost $7 billion in value.

He also mentions JPMorgan’s statement that competition between bitcoin and gold will only intensify when millennials have more power.
Legitimation bitcoin as a new asset class
The rise in bitcoin shows that our favourite digital currency is definitively beginning to nestle in the financial world. Like the precious metal, people see bitcoin as a way to protect themselves against inflation.

The macro-economic context we are currently in seems to be the perfect storm for bitcoin and the outlook is even better. At the moment, the total market value of bitcoin is only 6% of that of gold, but the digital currency is catching up with the precious metal.

It looks like bitcoin is going to win this race, and as soon as the big money switches it can suddenly go very fast. Last Friday, the value of one bitcoin exceeded the magical limit of a 20-ounce gold bar.

Coinbase became the largest exchange to stop XRP trading

Major news and quotes of the largest cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase decided to stop XRP trading

The U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has warned of an imminent halt to XRP trading for users in all regions served. The XRP markets were placed on „limit order only“ status on December 28, and Coinbase will shut them down entirely on January 19. That said, customers will still be able to access their wallets. They will also be able to get Spark tokens owed to XRP holders as part of the eirdrop. XRP support for Coinbase Custody and Coinbase Wallet storage services will remain in place. Coinbase is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange that has decided to stop trading XRP.

Bitcoin miners reach $1 million in revenue per hour

Revenues of bitcoin miners in terms of terraches per second (TH/s) reached a maximum for 2020, according to The Block. Bitcoin miners are now earning $0.19 per day per TH/s, according to the portal’s observations. The previous local high was set in February at $0.17, even before the bitcoin halving in May. The calculation was based on a seven-day moving average. The current values are lower than the historical high set on December 22, 2017 at $3.56. This is due to the fact that the competition for rewards and the level of hardware development was significantly lower back then. At the end of 2017, bitcoin’s hash rate was approximately 15 EH/s, but now it is 134 EH/s. Bitcoin miners generated $24.27 million in revenue yesterday, of which $21.59 million came from block rewards and the remainder from commissions. Thus, the average hourly income of miners is now approximately $1 million.

Darknet marketplace White House Market abandoned bitcoin in favor of XMR

Large darknet-marketplace White House Market stopped supporting bitcoin and began accepting payments only in Monero (XMR). According to the company, the reason for the decision was „an unexpected blocking of access from the Tor network. It was influenced by a change in API by the MorphToken exchanger, which is used by the darknet marketplace. White House Market writes, „The workaround helped with the conversion from bitcoin to XMR. Such moves caused us concern and we decided to support only Monero as planned.“

The cryptocurrency market has a combined capitalization of $716,679,218,981 as of 5:15 p.m. 24-hour trading volume was $201,423,046,017

  • Bitcoin fell 1.96% to $26,763.42
  • Ethereum rose 0.73% to $725.43
  • XRP fell by 32.92% to $0.195
  • Tether appreciated by 0.16% to $0.999
  • Bitcoin Cash fell 4.92% to $347.26

The best growth among the top 100 cryptocurrencies was shown by Cardano (+16.47%).

Mining profitability

  • Bitcoin: $0.18 per 1 TH/s
  • Ether: $0.0399 per 1 MH/s
  • Bitcoin Cash: $0.192 per 1 TH/s
  • Lightcoin: $3,306 per 1 GH/s
  • Dash: $0.0156 per 1 GH/s

Voorspelling van de Bitcoin-contante prijs: BCHUSD Gezichten op dit moment een andere ronde van het proberen te bewegen boven $360 marktpunt

BCH Prijsvoorspelling – 1 januari

Over heel wat handelstijden in het recente verleden; op 24 Nov. en 21 Dec. of daarover, BCH/USD de handel geconfronteerd met bullish prijsomkering beweegt rond een weerstandsniveau op $360.

  • Bbbbb BCH/USD Markt
  • Sleutel Niveaus:
  • Weerstandsniveaus: $360, $400, $440
  • Steunniveaus: $280, $240, $200

BCHUSD – Dagkaart

De BCH/USD stieren hebben er voortdurend naar gestreefd om voorbij een kritisch handelspunt rond $360 naar het noorden te slingeren. Na een paar handelsdagen is de waarde van de crypto rond een handelsplek van het verzet gaan zweven. De 14-daagse SMA trendlijn is dicht bij de genoemde waarde in de buurt van de crypto gekomen. Op dit punt zou het technisch verantwoord zijn om te wachten op een fatsoenlijke active-price beweging alvorens te beslissen wanneer de crypto-trade toe te treden. Trading indicatoren suggereren dat er een zwakte is in de bewegingen van de handel momenteel om waarschijnlijk de besluiteloosheid te stollen van de handel die nu in de markt speelt. Het is echter waarschijnlijk dat er in een mum van tijd weer een daling zal optreden.

Waar is BCH/USD Price Going Next?

BCH/USD marktoperaties hebben over tijd, met een behoorlijke opleving van een reeks van plotselinge verkopen waar het mee te maken heeft gehad. De crypto heeft een zekere mate, hield een bullish trend op zijn hoogst, rond de 50-dagen SMA trendlijn, terwijl het steun vindt.
De 14-daagse SMA-indicator blijft een essentieel instrument om te bepalen wat de richting van de volgende crypto zal zijn. Zijn zuidwaartse onderbreking zal prijs veroorzaken om steun rond een lage waarde bij $280 opnieuw te vestigen. Ondertussen, kan een noordwaartse onderbreking van de $360 mark het valutapaar op een reis naar het bereiken van meer ups plaatsen.

BCHBTC Prijsanalyse

Vergelijking van de twee verschillende markten; de prijswaardigheid van BCH blijft onder dalende druk staan omdat het bedrijf rond een lage waarde op B0.012 handelt. Vanuit het oogpunt kan het een tijdje duren voordat BCH zijn positie ten opzichte van BTC terugwint. De Stochastische Oscillatoren geven een lijn van verschillende lage prijsniveaus aan die nog steeds centraal staan in de BCH/USD-marktoperaties. Verkopers moeten er rekening mee houden dat ze niet te laat op de markt komen…

The top 5 scams in the Bitcoin world

With the spread of blockchain and Bitcoin, scams have also started to emerge, as criminals exploit this asset to organize various scams by inducing victims to have their private keys handed over, for example.

In the panorama of scams related to the Bitcoin world, there are different types. In order to stay alert and make users more and more aware here is a list to recognize them.

The 5 most common scams related to the Bitcoin world

A first category we can identify in email extortion: criminals send victims emails, sharing confidential information about the victim, usually an email and password.

The criminal then pretends to be in possession of personal information or images, asking for a ransom in Bitcoin in order not to spread the material.

A very popular variant of this email is the one called sextortion, in which the criminal reveals to the victim that he has compromising sexual images and videos, demanding a ransom in Bitcoin.

What to do in case of sextortion?

Once you receive such a message, you simply have to trash it, before opening the content because there might be some malicious links inside it that could direct you to some unreliable site or virus.

In fact, these threats are just fake and criminals are not really in possession of compromising images. Basically it is just a bluff to recover bitcoin.

Fake exchange scams

Another category of scams involves fake exchanges that only appear to have the same functions as the original ones. The victim does not have the slightest doubt about the reliability of the same since everything works normally and without suspicion.

Usually the victim is lured into this exchange through messages on social networks, such as Discord, Instagram and so on, and then is invited to register. The procedure is very simple, requiring only email and password.

Unfortunately, however, once the funds are sent to these exchanges, the victim discovers that they cannot withdraw them in any way. Often these portals cite account verification reasons and push the user to provide and pass KYC (Know Your Customer). We have discovered over 140 of these sites.

How to defend yourself against fake exchanges?

The first thing to do is to delete the message of these fake exchanges and never enter your credentials into these kind of platforms, as this way criminals have a database of emails linked to real people.

Bitcoin giveaway scams

Even gifts, like giveaways, do not escape from scams as criminals exploit names of famous people or news related to important projects, claiming to give away crypto to everyone who participates.

The scam is very simple: an article is written with some information about the person or a recent event that really happened and then a site is built where the whole page is completely fake and structured in such a way as to invite the user to send their crypto.

The modus operandi of these scams is to convince the victim to send their crypto through a well established claim, that is to double their funds by simply sending a certain crypto to a certain address.

But obviously this will not happen and you will lose your crypto.

Considering that we are talking about crypto and blockchain it is quite easy to unmask fake transactions, so in these cases it is enough to take the criminal’s address and analyze it in a block explorer to check all the transactions and if they match what is reported on the web page.


One of the scams that unfortunately is spreading and has a lot of success is phishing, a technique that aims to make the victim believe that he is interacting with the official platform of a service in order to make him enter his credentials.

In this case, criminals exploit fake platforms to recover victims‘ emails and passwords, as happened with the recent case against Ledger.

The email that the victim receives invites them to enter or update their device. Usually in this email there is a link that leads to a copy of the site, in which without his knowledge the victim entering the credentials in fact delivers them to criminals.

How to defend against phishing?

First of all, it is necessary to check and compare the sender of the email with the original ones and in case of divergences, it is better to delete the received email. It is important to never click on any link within the email itself because it can not only lead to a misleading page, but may even contain a virus that will nest in our PC.

Jim Cramer, da CNBC, explica por que ele comprou mais bitcoin em torno de 17.000 dólares

Na sexta-feira (11 de dezembro), o ex-gerente de hedge fund Jim Cramer explicou, durante uma entrevista, por que havia comprado mais Bitcoin mais cedo naquele dia.

Ele também é co-autor do programa „Squawk on the Street“

Cramer é o apresentador do programa „Dinheiro Louco c/ Jim Cramer“ da CNBC. Ele também é co-autor do programa „Squawk on the Street“ da CNBC, bem como co-fundador do site de notícias financeiras TheStreet.

Em 7 de junho de 2017, quando Bitcoin Up estava negociando em torno de $2.800, depois de ter sido dito no „Squawk on the Street“ que o CEO da Business Insider Henry Blodget havia previsto que Bitcoin um dia valeria $1 milhão de dólares, foi assim que Cramer respondeu:

„Acho que [Bitcoin] poderia [chegar a $1 milhão] porque os bancos europeus estão tentando freneticamente comprá-los para que possam pagar o resgate“. É uma maneira a curto prazo de poder lidar com a segurança cibernética“. É a maneira de pagar os maus da fita“.

Entretanto, em 14 de agosto de 2018, em uma época em que Bitcoin tinha acabado de cair abaixo do nível de 6 mil dólares, descobrimos que Cramer tinha passado de uma super alta para uma baixa:

„Acho que a maré se voltou contra ela… Não estou dizendo que seu tempo tenha passado, mas há uma noção de que o sol parece estar se pondo“.

Que é co-fundador da Morgan Creek Digital

Então, em 10 de setembro, Anthony Pompliano (conhecido como „Pomp“), que é co-fundador da Morgan Creek Digital, bem como o apresentador do „The Pomp Podcast“, disse a seus quase 370K seguidores no Twitter que havia convencido Cramer a comprar um pouco de Bitcoin (aparentemente durante uma recente entrevista de podcast com Cramer):

Apenas convenceu @jimcramer a comprar Bitcoin. Responda a este tweet com seu melhor meme ou gif para dar as boas-vindas ao mais novo Bitcoiner do mundo.

Na sexta-feira, Cramer disse a Katherine Ross, correspondente da TheStreet, que acabara de comprar mais Bitcoin, e explicou o motivo:

„Sim, eu apenas senti que, de volta a $17[k], parecia um nível decente, e eu vou comprar – como eu costumo fazer – à medida que algo desce. Vou ficando cada vez maior e maior.

„Eu só acho que você quer diversificar em todos os tipos de classes de ativos. Eu tenho ouro. Vou diversificar em algum Bitcoin – não é uma grande posição para mim – mas certamente é importante ser diversificado, e Bitcoin é um ativo e eu quero ter um equilíbrio de ativos“.

Ennätyskullan ulosvirtaus ei mene väreihin – vain Bitcoin

Ennätyskullan ulosvirtaus ei mene väreihin – vain Bitcoin, sanoo rahastonhoitaja

Kullan ulosvirtaus nousee Bitcoin-rallien myötä institutionaalisten sijoittajien lisääntyneen ostajien kysynnän vuoksi.

Analyytikot sanovat meneillään olevan Bitcoin (BTC) -rallin pääasiassa instituutioiden ohjaamana, ja metrikkojen, kuten CME: n avoimen kiinnostuksen ja hallitun Grayscale-omaisuuden (AUM), tuella tätä kertomusta.

Samaan aikaan Bitcoin Trader kultamarkkinoilla on tapahtunut suuria ulosvirtauksia viime viikkoina. 24. marraskuuta riippumaton rahoitustutkija Jan Nieuwenhuijs ilmoitti, että kullalla oli historiansa suurin viikoittainen ulosvirtaus.

Kaikkien aikojen suurin kulta.
– Jan Nieuwenhuijs (@JanGold_) 23. marraskuuta 2020

Kultamarkkinoiden ulosvirtausten lisääntynyt ajoitus on huomionarvoista, koska se tapahtuu suurten institutionaalisten sijoittajien tulon jälkeen Bitcoin-markkinoille.

Cointelegraph kertoi, että Guggenheim Partners, joka hallinnoi 275 miljardin dollarin varoja, on viimeisin instituutio, joka on osoittanut kiinnostusta Bitcoiniin.

Mitä tämä tarkoittaa Bitcoinille?

Keskipitkällä ja pitkällä aikavälillä institutionaalisen pääoman sisäänvirtaus Bitcoiniin voi johtaa kahteen keskeiseen suuntaukseen.

Ensinnäkin Bitcoin voi nähdä jatkuvamman nousutrendin, joka on ilmaantunut syyskuusta lähtien. Laitokset, erityisesti ne, jotka saavat altistumisen BTC: lle Grayscale Bitcoin Trustin kautta, todennäköisesti keräävät BTC: tä pitkän aikavälin strategialla.

Jotkut pitkäaikaiset Bitcoin-sijoittajat, joilla oli kulta-asemia pitkään, ovat myös alkaneet kohdistaa pääomansa kokonaan BTC: hen. Real Vision Groupin toimitusjohtaja Raoul Pal sanoi:

„Okei, viimeinen pommi – Minulla on huomenna myyntitilaus myydä kaikki kultani ja myydä BTC: tä ja ETH: ta (80/20). En omista mitään muuta (paitsi joitain joukkovelkakirjoja ja joitain dollareita). 98% nestemäisestä nettovarallisuudestani. Et voi luokitella minua paitsi # vastuuttoman pitkään Hyvää yötä. „

Toiseksi rahastonhoitajat sanovat, että tämä voi tehdä Bitcoinista entistä hallitsevamman kryptovaluuttamarkkinoilla. Tällä hetkellä Bitcoinin markkina-arvo on 63,83% maailmanlaajuisista kryptovaluuttamarkkinoiden arvostuksista.
Bitcoinin hallitsevuusindeksi.

Kyle Davies, perustaja Three Arrows Capital, yksi suurimmista rahastoista kryptovaluutta-alalla, sanoi:

„Kukaan ei kultaa kultaa -> $ BTC -> alts Tänä vuonna on tapahtunut suuria korkoja nettovarallisuutta Yhdysvaltain dollareista tai kultaista BTC: hen. Tämä ei ole vähittäiskauppa. Nämä kaverit eivät mene väreihin. ”

BTC: n lähiajan trendi on edelleen epävarma

Bitcoin on nähnyt voimakasta vauhtia viimeisten kolmen kuukauden aikana, tuskin nähnyt merkittäviä korjauksia.

Aikaisempien sonnijaksojen aikana ei ole harvinaista, että BTC näkee 30%: n vetäytymisiä, ja viimeinen ajo on vielä aiheuttanut suurta laskusuhdetta. Mutta lähitulevaisuudessa ketjun analyytikot sanovat, että BTC: tä voitaisiin vahvistaa syvemmälle pudotukselle.

IOTA becomes an industry partner of the TU Vienna research group

A new research project at the Vienna University of Technology has dedicated itself entirely to the topics of interoperability, blockchain and IoT. The IOTA Foundation is involved in the long-term project – and does not just want to advance its own network.

The IOTA Foundation has joined the newly founded DLT research group at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) as an industrial partner

The group is part of the Christian Doppler Laboratory Blockchain Technologies for the Internet of Things (CDL BOT) and researches the interface between the Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed ledgers-Technologies (DLT) such as blockchain or the Tangle from IOTA. As the latest addition to the Christian Doppler Research Association, the project is financed by state subsidies. Margarete Schönbock, Federal Minister for Digitization and Business Location, also made the opening on November 26th.

IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener is pleased in a corresponding blog entry the IOTA Foundation on the cooperation:

We are honored to be part of this long-term research project and thank the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs for recognizing and supporting the enormous potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology for building a more transparent, trustworthy and networked one Economy.

However, IOTA is not the only representative from the blockchain industry to have joined the venture. The Austrian Bitcoin exchange Bitpanda is also involved in the project: with its research arm Pantos.

In order to take the industry to the next level, the interoperability of blockchains and the integrity of data should be the top priority. We believe that our partnership with the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the IOTA Foundation allows us to stay at the forefront of interoperability development, one of the greatest complexities in this young but steadily maturing industry to solve,

Bitpanda CEO and co-founder Eric Demuth is quoted in the press release.

IOTA + X: focus on intercompatibility

The economist and programmer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schulte. Schulte also emphasizes in his statement the importance of interoperability for the future prosperity of decentralized networks and the Internet of Things:

With the increasing number of potential applications for DLT-based payments and data exchange in the Internet of Things, new DLTs need to be integrated and interoperability between different DLTs becomes necessary. I look forward to […] finding new solutions for this highly topical issue together.

Iran’s central bank soon to be a bitcoin whale?

The Iranian leadership will in future allow international payment transactions with Bitcoin in order to circumvent sanctions. The central bank should also soon have a good amount of BTC on its books.

Money is a weapon and the US is masters of it. Since the United States of America de facto excluded Iran from international payments, the Islamic Republic has been doing worse and worse.

We remind us:

In November 2018, the payment messaging network SWIFT took Iranian banks offline at the instigation of the USA . Since then, imports and exports have hardly been possible, as they can only be paid for with great difficulty. The move was very successful as an economic sanction against Iran; In the end, political interests can be implemented quite effectively through the financial channels.

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The Bitcoin Code community sensed a scandal back then. Ultimately, the US sanctioned the Iranian people, who suffer from such sanctions. Bitcoiners meanwhile stand for the neutrality of money. Money should work, do its job, but not satisfy political conduct like that of the United States.

Bitcoin: a neutral, monetary medium

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are exactly that. A neutral, monetary medium that is not subject to any institution except its users. The leadership of crisis-ridden Iran seems to have understood this fact. There is no other explanation for the fact that both the government and the central bank of the Near Eastern state have passed a bill that allows traders to use Bitcoin to import goods.

Because like Iran Daily reports, „The government changed its regulations on cryptocurrencies to allow them to be used to finance imports.“ Specifically, this means that the central bank acts as a kind of middleman who passes on mined BTC to importers. They can then use the coins to reward trading partners outside the country’s borders.

The move is a bang and has generated a corresponding response in the community. Finally, the message implies that the monetary authorities of the Islamic Republic will soon have BTC on their balance sheets.

BTC acceptance and game theory

This is exactly the scenario that game theory suggests. On the global plaything, there are states whose sovereignty is threatened by Bitcoin – such as the USA as the issuer of the world reserve currency – and those that benefit from the acceptance of the cryptocurrency. Especially when it happens before anyone else. The latter include marginalized countries like Iran. From the point of view of the decision-makers, it is therefore all too understandable why such a decision was made.

The relationship between BTC and Iran has so far been characterized by mistrust. After it became known that Bitcoin miners were converting subsidized electricity into satoshis, the authorities shut down several crypto mines. Mining has been legal since July 2019 . However, the regulatory environment is still uncertain. However, the industry could certainly pick up speed with the latest developments. With the central bank, miners have at least one buyer for mined coins who does not lack liquidity.