Coinbase became the largest exchange to stop XRP trading

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Coinbase decided to stop XRP trading

The U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has warned of an imminent halt to XRP trading for users in all regions served. The XRP markets were placed on „limit order only“ status on December 28, and Coinbase will shut them down entirely on January 19. That said, customers will still be able to access their wallets. They will also be able to get Spark tokens owed to XRP holders as part of the eirdrop. XRP support for Coinbase Custody and Coinbase Wallet storage services will remain in place. Coinbase is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange that has decided to stop trading XRP.

Bitcoin miners reach $1 million in revenue per hour

Revenues of bitcoin miners in terms of terraches per second (TH/s) reached a maximum for 2020, according to The Block. Bitcoin miners are now earning $0.19 per day per TH/s, according to the portal’s observations. The previous local high was set in February at $0.17, even before the bitcoin halving in May. The calculation was based on a seven-day moving average. The current values are lower than the historical high set on December 22, 2017 at $3.56. This is due to the fact that the competition for rewards and the level of hardware development was significantly lower back then. At the end of 2017, bitcoin’s hash rate was approximately 15 EH/s, but now it is 134 EH/s. Bitcoin miners generated $24.27 million in revenue yesterday, of which $21.59 million came from block rewards and the remainder from commissions. Thus, the average hourly income of miners is now approximately $1 million.

Darknet marketplace White House Market abandoned bitcoin in favor of XMR

Large darknet-marketplace White House Market stopped supporting bitcoin and began accepting payments only in Monero (XMR). According to the company, the reason for the decision was „an unexpected blocking of access from the Tor network. It was influenced by a change in API by the MorphToken exchanger, which is used by the darknet marketplace. White House Market writes, „The workaround helped with the conversion from bitcoin to XMR. Such moves caused us concern and we decided to support only Monero as planned.“

The cryptocurrency market has a combined capitalization of $716,679,218,981 as of 5:15 p.m. 24-hour trading volume was $201,423,046,017

  • Bitcoin fell 1.96% to $26,763.42
  • Ethereum rose 0.73% to $725.43
  • XRP fell by 32.92% to $0.195
  • Tether appreciated by 0.16% to $0.999
  • Bitcoin Cash fell 4.92% to $347.26

The best growth among the top 100 cryptocurrencies was shown by Cardano (+16.47%).

Mining profitability

  • Bitcoin: $0.18 per 1 TH/s
  • Ether: $0.0399 per 1 MH/s
  • Bitcoin Cash: $0.192 per 1 TH/s
  • Lightcoin: $3,306 per 1 GH/s
  • Dash: $0.0156 per 1 GH/s